Guzman Y Gomez

Guzman Y Gomez is a Mexican fast food chain that serves runner friendly burritos. I have always liked their naked burritos and as such love going there for a meal. Service there can be a bit sloppy sometimes. Some of the staff smile and some don’t.

Here depending on where you go food can be hit and miss but I have always liked to buy their fish burrito as it is very healthy for you and contains all the essential oils you need as a runner. Here I also added guacamole for an extra $3 as another healthy fat for a runner.

You order and pay and then they will serve your meal within 4-8 minutes depending on eat in or takeaway.

The place is clean and you can help yourself to condiments at the self service station.

Do come by to Guzman Y Gomez and they are located all over Australia.

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