GU Energy gels, hydration and lollies

Guys it is super important in a race to have enough energy, hydration and sodium in our bodies to be able to race well. Now Sole Motive a store in the city has everything that I could ever want and it was there that I bought my first gels.

The gels are $3-$4 depending on where you buy them. They contain lots and lots of sugar and slow releasing energies. These are good for runners who need a energy hit such as 10, 21 km and marathon runners. They are from the US. There are some caffeinated ones and some non caffeinated ones. Choose wisely or you’ll be bouncing off those walls.


Take these 15 minutes before you run with water and you are good to go. Do try them out in training especially on a longer run. And then after every hour or two take another with water.

I also got the hydration tablets for $12. The bottle contains 12 tablets, therefore it is $1 per tablet taken. Here they have that fizzy feeling like berocca but it is not. They have no caffeine and helps me to replace my sodium levels. As a runner training for the first big event you need to replace your sodium and fluid before, during and after training.



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