Week seven of Melbourne Marathon by Akira

This week we did a lot of reading about how to run hills and it said that you have to run them at a slower pace. Checked out the course map and it said no Anderson st but Birdwood st will be featured which is a hilly part.



Watched the London marathon and although we are not elite we learnt that it was hard without the right balance of nutrition. We are at the 12km point now and boy is it getting hard. I literally had sore legs this morning as I got out of bed. Without the energy gels getting to my recommended 300-400 g of carbs is quite hard.


Going to the Hamodova cafe which is a part of Couch that feeds the homeless and one of them had mental problems. I guess homelessness is what causes some of the mental problems within people.

Had to do a wee outside (not in the toilet). I know its not pleasant but had to be done. I have read online that this is quite normal to do that when there is no bathroom (or a huge line to one).  I wasn’t perfect the first time as I had some pee on my pants (not much though) but still. Will have to perfect it come race day.

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