Kaya Open Day

Kaya is not your ordinary gym. They are cleaner, much fresher and have a much more inviting vibe for their members and non members wishing to sign up. They are conveniently located on level 5 of the Emporium.

Here they focus on health as well as just being a gym. They are a wellness centre in which you can do pilates or get some information on healthy eating. Here the staff are friendly and are interested in nutrition as you are. Unlike Fitness First their place is very clean and they actually have a lot of yoga classes.

It is $65 to join but some members joined on opening day for 6-12 months and they scored themselves a goody bag plus six weeks free.

At the gym most prospective members tried many different salads and shakes from their partners- Thrive, New York bar, Five Plus smoothies and others. Many new people got to try out their classes as well.

I really enjoyed Thrive’s two salads. Both of them had cabbage and some meat. I will one day visit Thrive downstairs.

Because I was in a rush to get to Shape up and there were a couple of people that were rude to me (one lady in particular), I didn’t try any of their classes. Btw their classes were full. But the place is worth your money whatever that membership fee might be.

Do give them a try and let me know what your experiences are in the comments below


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