Week six of the Medibank Melbourne Marathon by Akira

This week I trained both morning and night. This week I burnt 600 calories doing some tough runs and my muscles are still the same rate at 41.7 kgs. I did however lose a little bit of water though and was really sleepy.

Had a smoothie one morning at one of RUSU’s free breakfast days. It tasted really nice. Now if they’d offer up that every morning it would be great.

I got a lot of sleep but maybe not enough sometimes.

Started doing some of the trainings in the morning to get used to racing on race day which is at 8am on a Sunday. Trained with Sole Motive this week and found out that they were really hard runners. Most of them are running in this marathon which is great as I’ll have some support tmo fall back on.

I also found out that about 30,000 runners take part in the race, some of which are brand new.

I decided to venture to Hampton beach to try something new. It was really hard all those hills. I got sore legs after climbing them. Imagine doing this in ten weeks time.

What do you do to combat sore legs on a hilly area?


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