Week three of Melbourne Marathon training by Akira

This week was really wet and I came down with a bit of a cold. But still kept going. My friend Katherine is also joining it too and her period had stopped due to the lack of fat and more calories burnt. I have learnt the women need about 70-90g of fat each day if they are training for a marathon. Katherine only had 30-40g of fat per day logged in her myfitnesspal. But in her latest scan she had about 18.2% body fat. So I wonder what is going on.


This one is a raw cacao chocolate which is covered in RMIT Newintstudent’s blog post. It is said to be less sweet and more milky which is good for my bones. As a runner you would need a fair bit of calcium

Myfitnesspal is a free workout and food tracker. It will tell you about what you have eaten and how many calories in there.

Anyway I logged about 7.5km average this week and no new tracks are covered. Training wasn’t too hard this week as it had been in some of the previous weeks. Although I did lose a little bit of motivation due to the cold weather.

I really hope I can get my spirits up in the next week

Quest Protein Chips

It really tasted like cheese and I couldn’t taste the protein in there. It is said that they had 21.2 g of protein. But it really did not fill me up. It is about $3.50 for one packet at GNC Livewell. I had to have some nuts afterwards to fill me up.

Quest is a protein company which is good for their shakes and bars.


I had tried it before at the Fitness and Health expo and really enjoyed them. But the cheese flavour was overpowering.

Week 2 training for Melbourne Marathon

This week was a sunny one hence training was a little bit easier. I burnt around 400-500 cals per hour of running. It was a little bit more intense. I went to the coast for a change of scenery.

This week I have noticed my toenails bruising- this was due to all the hard running I have been doing. Luckily though I have had a few days of proper rest and lots of calcium for strong bones. In fact I have had two glasses of milk a day and some yoghurt.

I have also noticed some dehydration- my skin looks fine but I feel it at times as I am sweating a lot. It is winter afterall and I have the heater on as I am writing.

After a few 9km runs done in a few short splits I was tired and this is only week two. The worst is still yet to come.

What eating two minute noodles everyday is like

Two years ago RMIT Newintstudents have posted something about this. Since then it has reached about 1000+ hits as many people are obese.

Here we look at the side effects of eating this convenience food day in and out.

About the noodles.

There are many brands of this with the popular one being Maggi two minute noodles. The also other popular brand is Indomie and their Mi Goreng which students love. They are a cheap staple to buy hence many poor people buy this at the Asian grocery store and it tastes good. They are around $1-$5 depending on where you buy them.


What is wrong with two minute noodles?

They are high in calories for a start. They have 300-400 calories per serve and that is not including the ingredients. They have lots of sodium and MSG in this. It will make you thirsty after a while. After a long period of eating this you will put on weight.  In RMIT Newintstudents experiment they experimented with different toppings but they found that they were bored of it after day four. They also found that their memory lapses after a few days and they found that they were hankering for real solid food.

The bloggers found that they had a headache and sore throat on day five due to all that msg.

The message is: you can enjoy them once in a while but just not everyday. And put some vegetables or something healthy with it.

Week one for the Melbourne Marathon: Beginning

The Melbourne Marathon is on this year and I cannot wait to start. It is about 16 weeks until the start of the marathon and I have already done some training in my field for the 21 km race. So far I got up to 7.5kms and I have been doing a beach race.


image by chiukatherine on Instagram


It is winter in Melbourne and it is hard to sleep at night. It is freezing cold. Even then I am training in the freezing cold night around 5-6pm where most people are heading home on their usual train or tram and not even walking. In the last year or two I have been walking lots and going to the gym lots. Most people can’t be bothered and hence they are unhealthy. #motivation.

As for food I try and eat very healthy during the day and leave all the pigging out until after the race. Why you may ask? Is because I sometimes get things known as runners trot due to the fatty fried foods before training. My stomach (and possibly yours) cannot digest these foods fast enough. Running sometimes might leave you out of breath and with indigestion. Oh and give up the alcohol- leave that until after the race day. Alcohol is said to damage your muscles and dehydrate you. Also you cannot function properly during training with alcohol in your system. If you find it really hard to give up on the alcohol altogether just try some small cutbacks each week until you are used to it. If you have to drink one glass make sure that you drink another litre of water before.


Tea. Image by chiukatherine on Instagram


Don’t forget to stay hydrated. As a human you need about 1L per every 25 kgs you weigh. Now I have started this water thingy waaay before the training for my race hence I am used to it. If you are not used to this gradually drink one litre and then add more as you go.  Water helps to get the toxins out of your system. Don’t forget your water bottle. You can buy them from us and we sell 2L bottles.

Stay tuned for week 2 post!