Bastille Day at the State library

Bastille day is a national French day and every year this is celebrated in Melbourne with restaurant events and things like these which is an expo and free film day showing all things French.

This year’s free Bastille day event was at the State library. This event was a free event for all. Here  it was spread out all over the library. Most of the stalls were inside with performances outside.

I got a fig and walnut crepe with spinach and feta inside it for $10 from the pop up crepe stall.This was lovely and the cheese and walnuts provided the much needed good fats for me According to myfitnesspal this was 287 calories and I burnt about 318  calories on my recovery run at the beach. I was starving afterwards though. I did want the crossaint but after the crepe I was full. Oh and there was the cheese and caramel samples to be had.

The wine was a tad bit expensive and after last night’s beer at a launch event I did not want this again. It was $8-$10 a pop.  was happy with just water and no Origana soft drink which is unwanted calories.

There was a raffle draw  but  it was $10 to enter  and I never win anything so it was not worth it. But the prizes of travel, haircare boxes, tea packages looked good though. There were kids activities too.

Last year I remembered I went to the free movie and really enjoyed myself.This year they have it but  it was all full.

I remembered the free drink and macaron. I wondered if they have it this year . Even then Iwould not want this as it is really sweet

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