Running for Run Melbourne by Akira

Run Melbourne is a community event which gets people together. It is $70 to join and here I have some tough questions to ask of KatherineInstagramCapture_26426f98-8517-478f-90fb-f10aafa12a1e

So you have never been a runner before? What’s it like running in this event?

It was quite ok. I was scared of the gun but I was relieved when they have the horn instead of the gun. I was overwhelmed by the amount of people though. It was thousands and many of them run faster than me.

I was nervous before the big day.

What are some key nutrient tips for new runners?

Drink plenty of water as I know you’ll need lots and lots come race day. Eat lots and lots of good fats such as salmon, oils, nuts etc. Also do learn to love protein powders as they can really do lots for your muscles. We have some great ones from Herbalife but I also love Amazonia.

Don’t skimp out on protein as your muscles need it during the night when you sleep to recover for the next day. You’ll end up losing muscle and sleep that way.


One woman I know skipped her period when she started training for this race, was it a problem for you?

Not really. I did worry about it from time to time as my period came late sometimes, but its always there. One hint though is to monitor your fat levels. Record what you eat in myfitness pal helps. I also had fish oil and that helped a lot. You can also do your free body scans at your local Herbalife nutrition centres all across the globe. They are based in 94 countries including Australia and you can find them online.

In Melbourne though there is an amazing one called Shape up on Lt Collins st. Here they can help you with everything.

Bone density and stress fractures is another issue for runners. How did you avoid them?

Look I made sure that I had enough calcium of 2 glasses of milk a day and some yoghurt. Look I definitely need to make sure of this by the time the Melbourne Marathon comes along. I also drank my Herbalife protein shakes which had enough calcium in there.

What about the water? Some people hate water


I mix it in things. I have Herbalife’s instant tea and that helps. Some people might not be able to have this due to tummy troubles but I love my Herbalife aloe as it balances out all the digestive issues and it comes in three flavours. I have also mixed in some electrolyte supplements and waaay before training for this race I have gotten used to carrying my drink bottle and drinking. Its not new for me.

Those dreaded runner’s trots- how did you manage to get rid of them?

At the start I had some because I was not drinking enough water and my body was trying to get used to it all. Once it has then it was all good. One tip though I have for new runners is don’t eat fried food before your training. Also don’t drink wine before you train as you’ll throw up or have gastro.

Training for the 10km was that hard?

Yes and no. There were some times during the course of the four month period where I had wanted to give up but in the end I pushed and pushed. I loved seeing nature- that’s what kept me motivated.

A tip though is to do 1km at a time if you are just starting out.

Any good sites to research?

I have used runners world and runners connect. I also  follow Siim Land and the Hungry runner girl to help me with starting off.

I also love and post to Instagram.


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