Help us raise money for the Salvos

Hi there we are raising some much needed funds for the Salvos (in long: the Salvation Army) here in Melbourne and we would love your support. We are both doing the Melbourne Marathon and I am tackling the 21km course. If I win the money then $12000 of the prize money will be donated to the Salvos.

Why might you ask that we are helping the Salvos?


Homelessness is a big issue and it has increased dramatically over the past year. Many International students as well as locals are becoming homeless or in danger of it and the government is not doing a lot to get people off the streets.

“There was an election earlier and not one party promised to help the homeless.” Brendan Nottle

In fact Flinders st and Collins st are filled with homeless people and it is hurting business and tourism in Melbourne.

Due to housing rates going up and up many International students are unable to afford the high rent. Some of us come from third world countries such as India and parts of Malaysia. There are many International students and locals that come to Hamodava café just for a meal. In fact Hamodava café is always busy which means that not many people can afford good healthy food.

Right now the Salvos are in much dire need of support and funds to help get people of the streets and help them with their treatment.

What ae you waiting for?? Do sign up for the race! And also support us here.

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