What eating two minute noodles everyday is like

Two years ago RMIT Newintstudents have posted something about this. Since then it has reached about 1000+ hits as many people are obese.

Here we look at the side effects of eating this convenience food day in and out.

About the noodles.

There are many brands of this with the popular one being Maggi two minute noodles. The also other popular brand is Indomie and their Mi Goreng which students love. They are a cheap staple to buy hence many poor people buy this at the Asian grocery store and it tastes good. They are around $1-$5 depending on where you buy them.


What is wrong with two minute noodles?

They are high in calories for a start. They have 300-400 calories per serve and that is not including the ingredients. They have lots of sodium and MSG in this. It will make you thirsty after a while. After a long period of eating this you will put on weight.  In RMIT Newintstudents experiment they experimented with different toppings but they found that they were bored of it after day four. They also found that their memory lapses after a few days and they found that they were hankering for real solid food.

The bloggers found that they had a headache and sore throat on day five due to all that msg.

The message is: you can enjoy them once in a while but just not everyday. And put some vegetables or something healthy with it.

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