Lets move 365: Organic Avenue’s cold pressed juice

Organic Avenue is a cold pressed juice business in South Melbourne. They are at Claredon centre where Coles is.  They are expensive but they are sure good in keeping those hydration levels going as well as some of the nutrients. They are just drink shop with limited food choices. They only had one type of salad and that is the pumpkin one. This was $12.

By the way I have taken up running. Running is very tough for everyone in the first instance. I am sweating much more and needing a lot more water.


But this green juice cleansed my insides out and on top of that the place offered some free samples to assist customers to make their choices.


Their clean pressed juice had about two servings of vegetables and ginger and fruits. Although it is a little bit expensive ($9.50) it is good and powerful and it kept me full.

Do come by to this place to unwind and enjoy some clean juices.

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