Prahran Market’s latest truffle offering by Akira

Last weekend Prahran market had their truffle festival and it was free for all to attend. Having truffle in food is a lot of fun but it is expensive to buy hence all the truffle items are expensive. Every year Melbourne has its own truffle festival like this one

Here they really took all of the punters views into consideration this time where there were not too many stalls and too many people. This time they also had many samples and real truffle items to buy. They also had the all inclusive map telling us what events were on and where.


There were also some truffle hunts doneĀ  the lovely shepherd dogs. Many people tried the red wine which was lovely and the sliders. I had the crepes with truffle sugar which I did not think possible as truffle was mainly used for salty items. I thought of truffle as oil and truffle salt.

Now I know that truffle can be used with sweet items. Here I like it like this. Many thanks Prahran market for hosting this event. DO buy your truffles when you can.

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