Lets move 365: Goldsborough Market and Slate

Goldsborough Lane is in the middle of the city where all the office workers work. The Goldsborough farmers market is on every Thursday from 4:30pm-7:30pm during the winter. The aim of the market is to bring people together over healthy food as Goldsborough lane and that part of the city have some unhealthy food choices. The other aim is to inform people as to where their produce came from. Most of the shops shut at 4pmish.

There are freshly baked breads from Souradough Kitchen and fruits galore. There are also some handmade sweets and chocolates for those with a sweet tooth. But what people like are the duck pies which are priced at $8.50 per pie.

There are also sauces, cheeses, eggs, honey and jam available for people to take home.  Most of the stallholders are happy answer your questions. Many of the stallholders are happy for you to try stuff.

And if you want a beer to go with your duck pie (or a tea to go with your cake or bread purchase), look no further than Slate. Here Slate are open for dinner during the weeknights and they have happy hour where the wines are priced at $5 each. I’m not too sure about the beers as I went in for a $4 pot of tea to warm me up. And warm me up it did.


Do come on by to this market but note there is no EFTPOS available.


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