Lets move 365: Aunty Maggie’s Chocolate festival by Akira

Last weekend on Saturday there was a huge chocolate festival at Aunty Maggies. A lot of people came down including not so regular shoppers.

I love chocolate. I mean who doesn’t. It really was a delight to the senses. Here we tried many chocolate things including the homemade chocolate cake which was just a delight.


There were a few mylk shakes which did not have any dairy in it. And there were some which did. I didn’t really like the chai one which was dairy free. Here this one had lots of spice. In fact too much. And I also enjoyed red wine with the chocolate as the chocolate brought out that sweet winey taste to the wine and it reminded me of being sexy and being womanly is a good thing.

Do buy your chocolates from Aunty Maggies at: 72 Glenferrie Road, Malvern.


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