Natures own protein powder

We were given a voucher for Woolworths by Rewards Central and therefore did not have to pay for it.


Natures own is a health food company which has been around for many years and the protein powder is one of their latest products to hit the shelves in time for Run Melbourne and the Melbourne Marathon.

The product is normally $23 but sometimes they put on special for $10. We had a $10 voucher so we took advantage of this. Here this has 13 servings. You can add milk or water to this to make a delicious protein drink.

It comes in four different flavours: mint, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. We tried the vanilla one and enjoyed the sweet taste. This was perfect with just water.

This product is good for those that go to the gym or go for a long run. We were easily full afterwards.

Do buy it for yourself from Woolworths, pharmacies and health food stores.



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