Lets move 365: A student community meeting

The Refuge of Hope is a student community which connects and advocates for all Latin American students. They have many events like this one to help students to make friends with each other. Last year they advocated for students about the high costs of living in Melbourne.

They usually do their Spanish classes on a Saturday.

One of their events is the National Day of Giving thanks. I participated in this event and gave thanks to my mum and dad back home in Kumamoto who is doing it tough due to the earthquake.

Here they had lots of food for the hungry students and I tried their empanadas and rice cake. I really wasn’t that hungry. After all I ate something before coming here. I loved their spicy chips and could not help myself to them all.

The games were fun but I couldn’t understand it as I do not speak Latino/ Spanish and the instructions were in Spanish. The lucky winners of the game won a box of chocolates each. There was Zumba but I could not stay- I had to be elsewhere.

Do check them out on their Facebook page



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