Shape Up by Akira

Shape up is a place in city where you can get your shakes and some nutritional advice. Here it costs $80 a month (for 10 visits in a month) or $8.60 for casual. This includes your choice of shake (there are 25 flavours), tea (unlimited amount) and a shot of aloe. For runners running in marathons you can also get some free advice for your nutrition.

I have tried almost all the flavours. My favourites would have to be the warm apple spice and the hot dutch chocolate on a rainy day. But I do also like the green shakes such as the Hulk.

Here they also have free happy hour each month to showcase different snacks and fun. People try stuff as well as tell their weight loss story.

You can also get a free wellness evaluation here which will measure your hydration, muscle, bone and other things. You can also get your meal plan from the coaches that work there. They are all very friendly people

You can find them on Facebook



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