Body transformation challenge by Akira

The body transformation challenge was an exciting time for everyone. It was $20 to participate and although I did not win any money, I learnt a lot. There were a few categories of the challenge: fat loss, muscle gain, best before and after picture and team player. InstagramCapture_7a571ae2-73f3-4c38-afe5-e7d7047331a8Learning a lot is really good for me as a racer in this years Run Melbourne.

To be a racer one must have good health. For a start I had good health but not as good as the experienced runners.

It was a thrilling eight week challenge I got to meet many like minded people and see Shape up for the first time. Here I really learnt a lot about drinking more water and eating more protein. I also tried to increase my knowledge about good fats and running.


My muscle mass decreased and my fat went up. This is normal for a runner like myself who has to train hard for their marathon.

My bone mass stayed pretty much the same throughout.

I didn’t win but I learnt from the two others that did that it was all about the mindset and nutrition. Nutrition is key- you need 80% of it to survive.

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