Wholefoods supermarket

Wholefoods supermarket is in Moonee Ponds right outside the Junction. Here they sell organic foods at wholesale prices. I first noticed it when I saw the coffee van one day outside their store. And it was pretty cool. They do have limited seating so most of their customers get takeaway coffees. What would be coolContinue reading “Wholefoods supermarket”


Lets move 365: Goldsborough Market and Slate

Goldsborough Lane is in the middle of the city where all the office workers work. The Goldsborough farmers market is on every Thursday from 4:30pm-7:30pm during the winter. The aim of the market is to bring people together over healthy food as Goldsborough lane and that part of the city have some unhealthy food choices.Continue reading “Lets move 365: Goldsborough Market and Slate”

Lets move: The Juice Lab’s beetroot juice by Akira

The Juice Lab has been around for a while and we have decided to try it. Priced at $3.50 at Coles and on special we went for it. This is a 350 ml bottle of juice It has 32.6g of but in reality it was not that sweet. I think it was because of allContinue reading “Lets move: The Juice Lab’s beetroot juice by Akira”

Lets move 365: Middle Child

Middle Child is a healthy café in Maribyrnong across the road from the park. It is run by a north Melbourne supporter and here it is dog friendly. They have Puppycinos and dog friendly treats just for dogs.  They have many dogs and people over the weekend enjoying their coffees and brunch. It was openContinue reading “Lets move 365: Middle Child”

Hydralite a product review by Akira

Hydralite is a tablet which dissolves in water. This is meant to be used before exercise. This tablet is a water balancer and it tastes like a diluted orange. Here it helps keep the fuilds up. The citrus flavour is really subtle. The tablet fizzes when it is put in water. You can buy themContinue reading “Hydralite a product review by Akira”

Lets move 365: A student community meeting

The Refuge of Hope is a student community which connects and advocates for all Latin American students. They have many events like this one to help students to make friends with each other. Last year they advocated for students about the high costs of living in Melbourne. They usually do their Spanish classes on aContinue reading “Lets move 365: A student community meeting”

Natures own protein powder

We were given a voucher for Woolworths by Rewards Central and therefore did not have to pay for it. Natures own is a health food company which has been around for many years and the protein powder is one of their latest products to hit the shelves in time for Run Melbourne and the MelbourneContinue reading “Natures own protein powder”

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