Wholefoods supermarket

Wholefoods supermarket is in Moonee Ponds right outside the Junction. Here they sell organic foods at wholesale prices.

I first noticed it when I saw the coffee van one day outside their store. And it was pretty cool. They do have limited seating so most of their customers get takeaway coffees. What would be cool during the winter is for them to sell toasties, raisin toast and banana bread. They don’t do this now as they had just opened.

The service there was friendly and down to earth.

I am in love with cold pressed juice so I got one for $3.50. Unlike normal juices add ins were not extra. I loved the add in of ginger to my juice as it helped to relieve me of my cold and boost my immune system.

Do come here for your juices on your way to work.

Lets move 365: Organic Avenue’s cold pressed juice

Organic Avenue is a cold pressed juice business in South Melbourne. They are at Claredon centre where Coles is.  They are expensive but they are sure good in keeping those hydration levels going as well as some of the nutrients. They are just drink shop with limited food choices. They only had one type of salad and that is the pumpkin one. This was $12.

By the way I have taken up running. Running is very tough for everyone in the first instance. I am sweating much more and needing a lot more water.


But this green juice cleansed my insides out and on top of that the place offered some free samples to assist customers to make their choices.


Their clean pressed juice had about two servings of vegetables and ginger and fruits. Although it is a little bit expensive ($9.50) it is good and powerful and it kept me full.

Do come by to this place to unwind and enjoy some clean juices.

Prahran Market’s latest truffle offering by Akira

Last weekend Prahran market had their truffle festival and it was free for all to attend. Having truffle in food is a lot of fun but it is expensive to buy hence all the truffle items are expensive. Every year Melbourne has its own truffle festival like this one

Here they really took all of the punters views into consideration this time where there were not too many stalls and too many people. This time they also had many samples and real truffle items to buy. They also had the all inclusive map telling us what events were on and where.


There were also some truffle hunts done  the lovely shepherd dogs. Many people tried the red wine which was lovely and the sliders. I had the crepes with truffle sugar which I did not think possible as truffle was mainly used for salty items. I thought of truffle as oil and truffle salt.

Now I know that truffle can be used with sweet items. Here I like it like this. Many thanks Prahran market for hosting this event. DO buy your truffles when you can.

Lets move 365: Aunty Maggie’s Chocolate festival by Akira

Last weekend on Saturday there was a huge chocolate festival at Aunty Maggies. A lot of people came down including not so regular shoppers.

I love chocolate. I mean who doesn’t. It really was a delight to the senses. Here we tried many chocolate things including the homemade chocolate cake which was just a delight.


There were a few mylk shakes which did not have any dairy in it. And there were some which did. I didn’t really like the chai one which was dairy free. Here this one had lots of spice. In fact too much. And I also enjoyed red wine with the chocolate as the chocolate brought out that sweet winey taste to the wine and it reminded me of being sexy and being womanly is a good thing.

Do buy your chocolates from Aunty Maggies at: 72 Glenferrie Road, Malvern.


Lets move 365: Goldsborough Market and Slate

Goldsborough Lane is in the middle of the city where all the office workers work. The Goldsborough farmers market is on every Thursday from 4:30pm-7:30pm during the winter. The aim of the market is to bring people together over healthy food as Goldsborough lane and that part of the city have some unhealthy food choices. The other aim is to inform people as to where their produce came from. Most of the shops shut at 4pmish.

There are freshly baked breads from Souradough Kitchen and fruits galore. There are also some handmade sweets and chocolates for those with a sweet tooth. But what people like are the duck pies which are priced at $8.50 per pie.

There are also sauces, cheeses, eggs, honey and jam available for people to take home.  Most of the stallholders are happy answer your questions. Many of the stallholders are happy for you to try stuff.

And if you want a beer to go with your duck pie (or a tea to go with your cake or bread purchase), look no further than Slate. Here Slate are open for dinner during the weeknights and they have happy hour where the wines are priced at $5 each. I’m not too sure about the beers as I went in for a $4 pot of tea to warm me up. And warm me up it did.


Do come on by to this market but note there is no EFTPOS available.


Lets move 365: Middle Child

Middle Child is a healthy café in Maribyrnong across the road from the park. It is run by a north Melbourne supporter and here it is dog friendly. They have Puppycinos and dog friendly treats just for dogs.  They have many dogs and people over the weekend enjoying their coffees and brunch.


It was open three weeks ago and already they are seeing many of the Boathouse’s unhappy patrons. Patrons don’t like to wait 45 mins for their coffee or a table hence they come here and they can borrow a rug or two and buy coffee to enjoy in the park.

The barista is friendly and knowledgeable. They support many AFL teams over the weekend and many gym patrons during the weekdays.

Unlike the Boathouse where they burn their coffees, here their coffees are stellar and you can choose the milk. Unlike the Boathouse they treat their pets well. The Boathouse does not have puppycinos.

They have vegan pies which I would love to try one day.


Do come by for the coffees rather than the Boathouse as you’ll love the friendly service and the lovely coffees and biscuits.

Hydralite a product review by Akira

Hydralite is a tablet which dissolves in water. This is meant to be used before exercise. This tablet is a water balancer and it tastes like a diluted orange. Here it helps keep the fuilds up.

The citrus flavour is really subtle. The tablet fizzes when it is put in water.


You can buy them in a box of 10-14 sachets or as a tube from your local pharmacy. But this one we got it for free in one of the goody bags. The tube is easy to put in your handbag or backpack or gym bag for on the go.

Lets move 365: A student community meeting

The Refuge of Hope is a student community which connects and advocates for all Latin American students. They have many events like this one to help students to make friends with each other. Last year they advocated for students about the high costs of living in Melbourne.

They usually do their Spanish classes on a Saturday.

One of their events is the National Day of Giving thanks. I participated in this event and gave thanks to my mum and dad back home in Kumamoto who is doing it tough due to the earthquake.

Here they had lots of food for the hungry students and I tried their empanadas and rice cake. I really wasn’t that hungry. After all I ate something before coming here. I loved their spicy chips and could not help myself to them all.

The games were fun but I couldn’t understand it as I do not speak Latino/ Spanish and the instructions were in Spanish. The lucky winners of the game won a box of chocolates each. There was Zumba but I could not stay- I had to be elsewhere.

Do check them out on their Facebook page



Natures own protein powder

We were given a voucher for Woolworths by Rewards Central and therefore did not have to pay for it.


Natures own is a health food company which has been around for many years and the protein powder is one of their latest products to hit the shelves in time for Run Melbourne and the Melbourne Marathon.

The product is normally $23 but sometimes they put on special for $10. We had a $10 voucher so we took advantage of this. Here this has 13 servings. You can add milk or water to this to make a delicious protein drink.

It comes in four different flavours: mint, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. We tried the vanilla one and enjoyed the sweet taste. This was perfect with just water.

This product is good for those that go to the gym or go for a long run. We were easily full afterwards.

Do buy it for yourself from Woolworths, pharmacies and health food stores.