Lets Move 365: About Life store

About Life store is in Port Melbourne in the Bay street shopping area. Outside of the store is a bottle store. They are a chain store which hails from Sydney and the Port Melbourne one is the first to open.

Grahram st stop is about a five minute walk away from the place.

They are all about being sustainable and they let you take home a pack of their coffee beans to plant.

Like Macro there are many tastings. The thing that I liked the most was the corn chips and I bought a pack for $1.60 just as a snack. I also loved the popcorn and the oils. I wasn’t really hungry so I had one of their cleansing juices and I felt good afterwards. It was one that had beetroot, kale, ginger and orange. They came in these reusable jars.

During their opening week they had many specials on the foods that we love such as spices and fish

There is a cafe and they make smoothies for people. Here people can enjoy foods that they bought in store or at the cafe. You can buy tubs of food for as little as $8.90. You fill this up with whatever you want and if you can’t close the lid then they will charge an extra $5. This is to stop people from wasting food.

Their coffee is by Sacred grounds and although I am yet to try it, I have heard it was very good. They do have WI-FI in their cafe which is free for customers.

They also have a self serve deli which is great.

Unlike the major chain stores they actually have very friendly people at the checkouts. Do visit for your organic groceries.

They are based in:

120 Bay St
Port Melbourne


7am – 8pm Every Day

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