Bing Boy by Akira

Bing Boy is a chain store all over Australia selling Asian bings. A bing is aegg type pancake. They used to have just wheat ones but now you can get gluten free for a $1. They also do bowls now.

They used to only just do bings but now they do dumplings of all sorts such as pork and prawn and the baos. Out of the baos I really enjoy the custard bao as this is always nice. I like mine to be sweet.

They do iced teas as well, but I’ve never been a fan of these. I can make better at home.

You order, pay and then you watch them make the bing for you. Also whilst waiting you can try sample bings which are in a small container.

Your bing is big and it comes with this really nicely designed paper.

I’ve often enjoyed the salmon bing as that has a lot of omega 3 and protiens which is important for building muscle and lots of it.


This time I tried the new tofu one and it was sickly sweet from all the red bean in there. Furthermore it had no rice in there which is what I was expecting. I couldn’t taste the tofu much. But I really did enjoy the pork and prawn dumplings. These were very nice and it took away some of the sweetness of the bing. It was $2.90 for three and $4.90 for 6.

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