Lets move 365: Wicked Chocolate festival at Prahran Market

Wicked Chocolate was a free festival at Prahran Market and everyone enjoyed being out and about and trying lots of yummy chocolate.   This was really wicked. Everyone enjoyed themselves and having ice cream on this 23C day. Here I had the buy one get one free which I was willing to use and soContinue reading “Lets move 365: Wicked Chocolate festival at Prahran Market”


Lets Move: Japan Festival 2016

This festival was special as it was the 17th year of the sister cities- Matsudo and Australia. Here there were not as many people as the last time and it was in the same place as always- the Box Hill Town Hall. It was $5 to get in and people with kimonos on came forContinue reading “Lets Move: Japan Festival 2016”

Berroca’s twist and go jar

This was $3.50 at Coles and it was a day’s serving. Perfect for on the go runs. When you open the jar the tablet goes into the water and dissolves. But it was hard for me to open due to the strong twist cap. Here I had to twist it and tried but in the endContinue reading “Berroca’s twist and go jar”


Stocked is a new bakery/groccery store in Malvern which sells organic food as well as gourmet food. But they are very pricey.   They have just opened up last month and they were very busy on opening day. I managed to get a few sneek peeks at their wares and sample their stuff. First ofContinue reading “Stocked”

Pasta with Crab Meat, Lemon & Basil — FIT.FAB.FODMAP

Do you ever make a dish that tastes SO satisfying you’re even surprised by how good it is?! That would be THIS dish…it tastes so rich and decadent (thanks to some butter and olive oil) but still leaves you feeling light at the end of the meal. Ingredients: -8 Ounces Gluten Free Spaghetti (or pasta of…Continue reading “Pasta with Crab Meat, Lemon & Basil — FIT.FAB.FODMAP”

Atek – Jakarta — TWO PAPER PEN

The super delicious crispy honey glazed pork. This is definitely a MUST EAT in Jakarta, PIK area. Like other Chinese restaurant, ATEK also serves crispy pork, bbq pork and roast duck. Their most favourite dish definitely the honey glazed pork, it is crispy with a hint of sweetness. I cannot find any other place that… viaContinue reading “Atek – Jakarta — TWO PAPER PEN”

Lets Move 365: About Life store

About Life store is in Port Melbourne in the Bay street shopping area. Outside of the store is a bottle store. They are a chain store which hails from Sydney and the Port Melbourne one is the first to open. Grahram st stop is about a five minute walk away from the place. They areContinue reading “Lets Move 365: About Life store”

SOV club by Akira

SOV club is the Singaporean club for Singaporean Students of Victoria. Here they represent all Singaporean students and they organise many things for them. To join them you need to become a member of your own University’s club.Here I was invited by Katherine to attend and it was only $20 for a few plates ofContinue reading “SOV club by Akira”

Students are always underpaid

In Melbourne many of you are looking for part time work to pay for your tuition and living costs. Many students don’t know of their rights when they are working in Australia. The minimum wage is about $20 depending on the industry that you are working for. The wage is set by the Fair WorkContinue reading “Students are always underpaid”

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