Lets move 365: Wicked Chocolate festival at Prahran Market

Wicked Chocolate was a free festival at Prahran Market and everyone enjoyed being out and about and trying lots of yummy chocolate.


This was really wicked. Everyone enjoyed themselves and having ice cream on this 23C day. Here I had the buy one get one free which I was willing to use and so I did.

Whilst I didn’t get into the spirit of booze I loved my chocolate ice cream very much. Fritz gelato had won many awards for the best ice cream and I am glad that they are at the Market.

Chapel st Cellars had a Chocolate Martini for $12 but I wasn’t going to have any booze. There was rocky road from Sweet Greek but I’m not a huge fan of Rocky road. However I love a good dark chocolate and a great chocolate fondue with friends, books and red wine on a winters day. When I see a chocolate fondue I can imagine winter and a book club.

There were many free chocolate samples for us to try. As for us we went a bit bananas over them. There were a few ticketed events but they were $22-$45 for a few chocolatey things. And they were sold out very quickly.  People ranted on Facebook about not being able to find lots of chocolatey things but in fact there were many chocolatey things at the trader shops (their actual shops). You just had to keep your eye open.

Chocolate is a good way to distress before the exam and I’m glad that Prahran market decided to hold this event in the weeks leading up to exams. Many thanks Prahran market for this event.

Lets Move: Japan Festival 2016

This festival was special as it was the 17th year of the sister cities- Matsudo and Australia. Here there were not as many people as the last time and it was in the same place as always- the Box Hill Town Hall.

It was $5 to get in and people with kimonos on came for free. The money went to the Kumamoto earthquake relief as well as to the organisers to pay the rent for this place.

Here this was on a sunny Sunday where the kids enjoyed playing games. Inside there was taiko drumming and the usual education stalls. The TAFE carpark was really busy at 12:30pm but everything was so overpriced that I just settled on takoyaki and donuts from the donut van.

There was a kimono contest and the best outfit won. It takes about an hour to an hour and a half to put one on properly as there are so many ties.

Here we were able to vote on the best artworks done by school students and the best one wins a great prize.

Seeing the Japanese trains were great fun. I wish Melbourne had the same sort

What would you like to see at next year’s festival? Drop me a line below.

Berroca’s twist and go jar

This was $3.50 at Coles and it was a day’s serving. Perfect for on the go runs. When you open the jar the tablet goes into the water and dissolves.

But it was hard for me to open due to the strong twist cap. Here I had to twist it and tried but in the end I got one of my friends to open it for me.


It tastes like the same Berocca really? No really, it does and kept me energised during my race training and afterwards.

Do hurry into your local supermarket and buy yours if you are training.



Stocked is a new bakery/groccery store in Malvern which sells organic food as well as gourmet food. But they are very pricey.


They have just opened up last month and they were very busy on opening day. I managed to get a few sneek peeks at their wares and sample their stuff. First of all I sampled a persian cheese which tasted like goats cheese. For people that don’t like goats cheese will hate this as goats cheese is sour but creamy. This cheese worked really well with my cauliflower salad. Here the ball was $11.50.

If you have the money and love imported Italian goods then do come on by


Pasta with Crab Meat, Lemon & Basil — FIT.FAB.FODMAP

Do you ever make a dish that tastes SO satisfying you’re even surprised by how good it is?! That would be THIS dish…it tastes so rich and decadent (thanks to some butter and olive oil) but still leaves you feeling light at the end of the meal. Ingredients: -8 Ounces Gluten Free Spaghetti (or pasta of…

via Pasta with Crab Meat, Lemon & Basil — FIT.FAB.FODMAP

Lets Move 365: About Life store

About Life store is in Port Melbourne in the Bay street shopping area. Outside of the store is a bottle store. They are a chain store which hails from Sydney and the Port Melbourne one is the first to open.

Grahram st stop is about a five minute walk away from the place.

They are all about being sustainable and they let you take home a pack of their coffee beans to plant.

Like Macro there are many tastings. The thing that I liked the most was the corn chips and I bought a pack for $1.60 just as a snack. I also loved the popcorn and the oils. I wasn’t really hungry so I had one of their cleansing juices and I felt good afterwards. It was one that had beetroot, kale, ginger and orange. They came in these reusable jars.

During their opening week they had many specials on the foods that we love such as spices and fish

There is a cafe and they make smoothies for people. Here people can enjoy foods that they bought in store or at the cafe. You can buy tubs of food for as little as $8.90. You fill this up with whatever you want and if you can’t close the lid then they will charge an extra $5. This is to stop people from wasting food.

Their coffee is by Sacred grounds and although I am yet to try it, I have heard it was very good. They do have WI-FI in their cafe which is free for customers.

They also have a self serve deli which is great.

Unlike the major chain stores they actually have very friendly people at the checkouts. Do visit for your organic groceries.

They are based in:

120 Bay St
Port Melbourne


7am – 8pm Every Day

Bing Boy by Akira

Bing Boy is a chain store all over Australia selling Asian bings. A bing is aegg type pancake. They used to have just wheat ones but now you can get gluten free for a $1. They also do bowls now.

They used to only just do bings but now they do dumplings of all sorts such as pork and prawn and the baos. Out of the baos I really enjoy the custard bao as this is always nice. I like mine to be sweet.

They do iced teas as well, but I’ve never been a fan of these. I can make better at home.

You order, pay and then you watch them make the bing for you. Also whilst waiting you can try sample bings which are in a small container.

Your bing is big and it comes with this really nicely designed paper.

I’ve often enjoyed the salmon bing as that has a lot of omega 3 and protiens which is important for building muscle and lots of it.


This time I tried the new tofu one and it was sickly sweet from all the red bean in there. Furthermore it had no rice in there which is what I was expecting. I couldn’t taste the tofu much. But I really did enjoy the pork and prawn dumplings. These were very nice and it took away some of the sweetness of the bing. It was $2.90 for three and $4.90 for 6.

SOV club by Akira

SOV club is the Singaporean club for Singaporean Students of Victoria. Here they represent all Singaporean students and they organise many things for them. To join them you need to become a member of your own University’s club.Here I was invited by Katherine to attend and it was only $20 for a few plates of food and the Tarik.

The event took place at Old Town Kopitiam in the city. I have been there a few times and loved their Nasi Lemak. So when Katherine asked me I said yes.


mee Goreng. Image courtesy of chiukatherine on Instagram


The food  reminds me of Singapore. Sadly they didn’t have the roti cannai and I had to wait ages for food. But the wait was worth it. I loved their noodles and fried rice. Although I would have liked Biryani rice as I love the sultanas.

I also favoured their fried chicken.

The teh Tarik was really strong and that was the only drink on offer.

But still it was a good chance to mingle with everyone on a footy night and talk about footy and other things with the other people.


Students are always underpaid

In Melbourne many of you are looking for part time work to pay for your tuition and living costs. Many students don’t know of their rights when they are working in Australia. The minimum wage is about $20 depending on the industry that you are working for. The wage is set by the Fair Work Ombudsman and it goes up every year.

Being underpaid is no joke as it may put a strain on the student’s mind and definitely their finances. I have known students to not sleep well and study hard because they are worried about their finances

In the latest case from Meld, Mamak is found to be underpaying students. Its a popular eatery yet students are being underpaid by $11 an hour. The owners have been taken to court over this.

7-11 is a franchise store which employs hundred of International students. Last year they had the biggest wage scam where students were being paid $8-$12 an hour and they were made to work long hours.

Cleaning companies
Many of them like Swan and ISS and other outsourced companies are always underpaying cleaners and making cleaners work after hours. Cleaners clean the place and they usually do a good job of it. The last time there was such a protest as at MCG a few years back. And then there was the one at Myer where they were being paid $10-$15 an hour.


If you any problem about your pay and that you tried to bring it up with the employer don’t be afraid to go to the Fair Work Ombudsman for help. Lets put an end to this.