Lets Move 365: The new RMIT Bike Hub opens

There is some good news for RMIT students and staff who love to ride their bikes into uni. The Bike Hub is now open. Healthy International Students was given a chance to take a look inside this new and exciting space


The Bike Hub is a secure place to park your bike. There is no need to worry about your bike being stolen out in the street as it requires a swipe card to enter and exit it. Here they have all different sized racks for different sized bikes. The heavier bikes are to be on the ground where as the lighter bikes can be stowed higher up.

For new and old users there are instructions on the wall for the different bikes and how to stow them.

There is a spacious locker and shower area for the ladies. Like the gym lockers you can stow your bike stuff away and your colleagues won’t know that you have ridden your bike in. There are also hairdryers and ironing board.

Every Wednesday lunchtime there is a free bike fixing session for all RMIT bike users. This starts at 12:30pm.

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