Lets move 365: Abbotsford convent and Yarra Trail

This was a fun Sunday outside at the Markets market and at the Yarra bend trail. This trail was recommended in the Fitness first magazine so I went along to check this out

The trail was gruelling and it had many hills. But it was memorable.

But before that there was the Makers Market which is held every third Sunday of the month at the Abbotsford convent. So I stopped to smell the roses there. Here there were a few stalls selling handmade stuff and many dogs enjoying the sunshine and some happy barks.

I also had food from Lentils and it was nutritious as always. This Lentils has a buffet in which people help themselves to the food. On Sundays they have their special momos and other foods.

Here I bought a gift for someone and that was some pot oven mitts which were handcrafted.

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