Forage Challenge


Yoghurt and museli by chiukatherine on Instagram

Forage is a museli company which aims to bring you some good healthy food and aims to teach us about the healthy lifestyle philosophy. Here we learned about good ways to keep the digestive system and gut clean.


The rules of the challenge were no refined carbs, no fast food and good fats and natural sweets.  We could have anything and everything which is homemade.

We first heard about Forage and the challenge at the Health Food expo. Here we bought a $2 bag of museli for us to enjoy. And we did with the milk. It was finished within 7 days. Museli is expensive these days.

One of the things that we learnt was to love a good probiotic such as low fat Greek Yoghurt. Here we used it with many things such as bananas. We also loved honey as a natural source of sugar.

Spirulina by chiukatherine on Instagram



Oils were another thing that we could have and we did enjoy was the lime olive oil. Here it was put into salads and stuff.

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