Piers festival by Akira

Australia is a multicultural country and we are proud of our herritage. We are also proud of our rich history which goes back to the late 1788 when Australia was first discovered. The first migrants didn’t come until 1950 and now today there are many migrants in Melbourne and Australia.

I remembered reading and learning that the Greeks went to camp in Bonegilla when they first arrived. Here they learnt English and other skills needed to look for a job. Many of the migrants came to be successful as of today. Some of them are restauranteurs.

And it is here that we celebrate all things migrant with a day called “Piers festival” at Port Melbourne which is only a ten minute tram ride from the city. It was such a lovely day that everyone enjoyed the sunshine and the free entertainment. This was a free festival for all.

Whilst everyone enjoyed the food bought at the main stalls, I really loved my Egyptian plate ($6- $5 for the plate and $1 for the two donuts). It was healthy and was fufilling. I really liked the little donuts and the falefel. But the only thing that I would have enjoyed more was eating it with a fork. The Egyptian stall had no fork but toothpicks and eating the food with the toothpicks was incredibly hard. and messy.

But still I had a good time just roaming around the place patting the dogs and telling my story on the board. The turkish band was the best. Also there were many kids activities for everyone such as free dancing and fun in the sun.

Pieogi Pierogi was there and they had their Polish dumplings for $10. It was a tiny serve. Other foods were either fried or too sweet. I am on a health kick so not a lot of fried food for me.

Many thanks Multicultural Victoria for putting this on and do celebrate Migrants day where ever you may be



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