Lets Move 365

Many people find it merely impossible to move each day due to the time constraints and lack of motivation. We learnt in a seminar about health that Australia has one of the highest obesity rates in the world. Gyms are expensive and are always money hungry.


Lets Move 365 is a yearly challenge where you move each day. Here there will be different moves each day like walking, running, gym and fit club. We hope that this challenge will motivate you to become a better version of yourself. By that we mean a healthier version of yourself by the middle of next year.


We will also talk about the 80 percent of nutrition as well. Here we will do some simple food posts. We will try to feature some of the recipes with Herbalife nutrition but sometimes that is impossible.

Do follow us on our journey and if you want to lose weight or just become a better version of yourself then do email us at: newintstudents@gmail.com or leave a comment below and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.


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