Lets move 365: Melbourne City Baths Open day

Melbourne City baths hosted their open day and are there for International students.  Here they catered for International students and we went to classes and lectures for free. One of them was a very Interesting discussion about nutrition which encompassed the 80 % nutrition and 20% exercise philosophy as well as doing your own nutritionContinue reading “Lets move 365: Melbourne City Baths Open day”


Forage Challenge

Yoghurt and museli by chiukatherine on Instagram Forage is a museli company which aims to bring you some good healthy food and aims to teach us about the healthy lifestyle philosophy. Here we learned about good ways to keep the digestive system and gut clean.   The rules of the challenge were no refined carbs,Continue reading “Forage Challenge”

Lets move 365: Abbotsford convent and Yarra Trail

This was a fun Sunday outside at the Markets market and at the Yarra bend trail. This trail was recommended in the Fitness first magazine so I went along to check this out The trail was gruelling and it had many hills. But it was memorable. But before that there was the Makers Market whichContinue reading “Lets move 365: Abbotsford convent and Yarra Trail”

Lets Move 365: The new RMIT Bike Hub opens

There is some good news for RMIT students and staff who love to ride their bikes into uni. The Bike Hub is now open. Healthy International Students was given a chance to take a look inside this new and exciting space   The Bike Hub is a secure place to park your bike. There is no needContinue reading “Lets Move 365: The new RMIT Bike Hub opens”

Piers festival by Akira

Australia is a multicultural country and we are proud of our herritage. We are also proud of our rich history which goes back to the late 1788 when Australia was first discovered. The first migrants didn’t come until 1950 and now today there are many migrants in Melbourne and Australia. I remembered reading and learningContinue reading “Piers festival by Akira”

$0 Boxfit at Malvern by Akira

There is such thing as free exercise. Thus this is boxfit in Malvern. This is at 184 Glenferrie Road, Malvern which is about a five minute walk from the station. Right next to it is KK Piliates centre and they share the same bathroom. They have Boxfit on Thursday nights and Sunday mornings and IContinue reading “$0 Boxfit at Malvern by Akira”

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