Lets move 365: Melbourne City Baths Open day

InstagramCapture_97fc2c1b-f0ff-4b3f-9a76-0df4debfbc41Melbourne City baths hosted their open day and are there for International students.  Here they catered for International students and we went to classes and lectures for free. One of them was a very Interesting discussion about nutrition which encompassed the 80 % nutrition and 20% exercise philosophy as well as doing your own nutrition meal plans per week as they vary from person to person.


It also talked about supplements and exercise and what sort. For us we love Herbalife in that there are no artificial items and it fills us up. But still have wholefoods.

There was an interesting discussion on Paleo and gluten free diets.

Forage Challenge


Yoghurt and museli by chiukatherine on Instagram

Forage is a museli company which aims to bring you some good healthy food and aims to teach us about the healthy lifestyle philosophy. Here we learned about good ways to keep the digestive system and gut clean.


The rules of the challenge were no refined carbs, no fast food and good fats and natural sweets.  We could have anything and everything which is homemade.

We first heard about Forage and the challenge at the Health Food expo. Here we bought a $2 bag of museli for us to enjoy. And we did with the milk. It was finished within 7 days. Museli is expensive these days.

One of the things that we learnt was to love a good probiotic such as low fat Greek Yoghurt. Here we used it with many things such as bananas. We also loved honey as a natural source of sugar.

Spirulina by chiukatherine on Instagram



Oils were another thing that we could have and we did enjoy was the lime olive oil. Here it was put into salads and stuff.

Do check out the museli range online


Lets move 365: Abbotsford convent and Yarra Trail

This was a fun Sunday outside at the Markets market and at the Yarra bend trail. This trail was recommended in the Fitness first magazine so I went along to check this out

The trail was gruelling and it had many hills. But it was memorable.

But before that there was the Makers Market which is held every third Sunday of the month at the Abbotsford convent. So I stopped to smell the roses there. Here there were a few stalls selling handmade stuff and many dogs enjoying the sunshine and some happy barks.

I also had food from Lentils and it was nutritious as always. This Lentils has a buffet in which people help themselves to the food. On Sundays they have their special momos and other foods.

Here I bought a gift for someone and that was some pot oven mitts which were handcrafted.

Lets Move 365: The new RMIT Bike Hub opens

There is some good news for RMIT students and staff who love to ride their bikes into uni. The Bike Hub is now open. Healthy International Students was given a chance to take a look inside this new and exciting space


The Bike Hub is a secure place to park your bike. There is no need to worry about your bike being stolen out in the street as it requires a swipe card to enter and exit it. Here they have all different sized racks for different sized bikes. The heavier bikes are to be on the ground where as the lighter bikes can be stowed higher up.

For new and old users there are instructions on the wall for the different bikes and how to stow them.

There is a spacious locker and shower area for the ladies. Like the gym lockers you can stow your bike stuff away and your colleagues won’t know that you have ridden your bike in. There are also hairdryers and ironing board.

Every Wednesday lunchtime there is a free bike fixing session for all RMIT bike users. This starts at 12:30pm.

lets move 365: Sams Boatshed

Sam’s Boatshed is a boat hire place as well as a café. It was a sunny day when I went and it was after a run when I was all hot and sweaty. I needed some water to replace the fluids that I lost.

This is outside at Albert Park and its dog friendly. Moreover you can enjoy watching the boats. You can also hire boats for as little as $15. This is a nice way to enjoy some tea and ice cream.

They have a few different flavours and they have sorbet. Here I had my usual blood orange and lemon for $5.50 for two. For one its $4

You can also pat some lovely dogs whilst there.

Do visit here on a relaxing  day out

Address for Sam’s Boatshed
3 Aquatic Drive, Albert Park Victoria 3206
03 9686 2571

Lets Move 365

Many people find it merely impossible to move each day due to the time constraints and lack of motivation. We learnt in a seminar about health that Australia has one of the highest obesity rates in the world. Gyms are expensive and are always money hungry.


Lets Move 365 is a yearly challenge where you move each day. Here there will be different moves each day like walking, running, gym and fit club. We hope that this challenge will motivate you to become a better version of yourself. By that we mean a healthier version of yourself by the middle of next year.


We will also talk about the 80 percent of nutrition as well. Here we will do some simple food posts. We will try to feature some of the recipes with Herbalife nutrition but sometimes that is impossible.

Do follow us on our journey and if you want to lose weight or just become a better version of yourself then do email us at: newintstudents@gmail.com or leave a comment below and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.


Piers festival by Akira

Australia is a multicultural country and we are proud of our herritage. We are also proud of our rich history which goes back to the late 1788 when Australia was first discovered. The first migrants didn’t come until 1950 and now today there are many migrants in Melbourne and Australia.

I remembered reading and learning that the Greeks went to camp in Bonegilla when they first arrived. Here they learnt English and other skills needed to look for a job. Many of the migrants came to be successful as of today. Some of them are restauranteurs.

And it is here that we celebrate all things migrant with a day called “Piers festival” at Port Melbourne which is only a ten minute tram ride from the city. It was such a lovely day that everyone enjoyed the sunshine and the free entertainment. This was a free festival for all.

Whilst everyone enjoyed the food bought at the main stalls, I really loved my Egyptian plate ($6- $5 for the plate and $1 for the two donuts). It was healthy and was fufilling. I really liked the little donuts and the falefel. But the only thing that I would have enjoyed more was eating it with a fork. The Egyptian stall had no fork but toothpicks and eating the food with the toothpicks was incredibly hard. and messy.

But still I had a good time just roaming around the place patting the dogs and telling my story on the board. The turkish band was the best. Also there were many kids activities for everyone such as free dancing and fun in the sun.

Pieogi Pierogi was there and they had their Polish dumplings for $10. It was a tiny serve. Other foods were either fried or too sweet. I am on a health kick so not a lot of fried food for me.

Many thanks Multicultural Victoria for putting this on and do celebrate Migrants day where ever you may be



$0 Boxfit at Malvern by Akira

There is such thing as free exercise.

Thus this is boxfit in Malvern. This is at 184 Glenferrie Road, Malvern which is about a five minute walk from the station. Right next to it is KK Piliates centre and they share the same bathroom.


Boxfit. Image courtesy of chiukatherine on Instagram

They have Boxfit on Thursday nights and Sunday mornings and I found out that 40 mins of it burns about 250-300 calories. Here I always feel happier as friendships are formed and new mindset skills as well as boxing is taught.