Pantry Challenge

The pantry challenge is a month long money and food saving challenge. We first saw this in Frugal and Thriving and then RNIS did it last year. The challenge is to use up whatever is left in your pantry for the month so as not waste food. Every year tons of food go to waste and as students you are trying to save money.

We did in January and there were some days where we forgot all about the challenge.


What we made:

We made Red rice meals, almond cookies and ate various snacks.

What we learnt that we can do in life
* Plan your meals in advance
* Always know what you have in your pantry and what you don’t
* Clean your pantry out once in a while. Its probably been a while and it might be really smelly in there. God knows what sort of bugs were in there. Know what has gone mouldy and then chuck it out. Also know what has gone by the use by date.

Have you used up anything in your pantry yet?



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