Pantry Challenge

The pantry challenge is a month long money and food saving challenge. We first saw this in Frugal and Thriving and then RNIS did it last year. The challenge is to use up whatever is left in your pantry for the month so as not waste food. Every year tons of food go to waste and as students you are trying to save money.

We did in January and there were some days where we forgot all about the challenge.


What we made:

We made Red rice meals, almond cookies and ate various snacks.

What we learnt that we can do in life
* Plan your meals in advance
* Always know what you have in your pantry and what you don’t
* Clean your pantry out once in a while. Its probably been a while and it might be really smelly in there. God knows what sort of bugs were in there. Know what has gone mouldy and then chuck it out. Also know what has gone by the use by date.

Have you used up anything in your pantry yet?



Box Hill

Box Hill is a student haven and its about a thirty minute train ride from the city. It is about $3.90-$7.80 to travel there and back and its should be done once or a few times during your stay in Melbourne. We explain the different things that you can find there.

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Eating out
There are a plethora of cheap options within Box Hill and there is a massive food court selling Asian delicacies. Here we have picked out a few places.
Kitchen Republik
This is a Taiwanese food stall and here you can have your pork belly buns and other things like noodles, dumplings and all. Here you can order whatever you want but its pricier. A lot of the restaurants that you find in the city are found here such as Taiwan cafe and dessert story.

Movenpick was really nice too.This is a ice cream shop which sells lovely flavors. There are two stores in the city and the one that people most like is QV.

Magic cuisine is good for their spring onion steamed roll and the their plain steam buns, something which you don’t find often in the city and elsewhere. They are $1.20 each or 5 for $5 to take home. Box Hill also have these silver thread buns which you find at the grocery stores. At Magic Cuisine you can try before you buy and I enjoy trying the many different samples on offer. Sometimes though they change but I do enjoy their pickled vegetables and spicy ox tongue. Here you can buy some ready made meals to take home.

Whilst there I also enjoy going to the Grain Asian cafe which have the best dim sim at great prices. I don’t really like Sushi Sushi but then again I hate going to franchises as they often sell the same stuff

All over Box Hill there are a lot of shops that sell Soy milk as it is the most popular drink among the Asian community.

Grocery shops
There are so many of them here. Here they have lots of different fruits and vegetables, some of which are foreign to me. Some of them are imported from China such as Winter melon and turnips. Here they also have $3.50 big bags of red onions. Most of them have a wide range of Asian products such as egg tofu and potato noodles. All the stuff there is a fraction cheaper than the things that you get in the city. There is a shop that sells fish Maw. I’ve never tried fish maw before.

There are a lot of bargains to be had at the meat shops with much of the meat under $20. On the day that I went there were no hamburger patties, rather there was pork fat and beef. Along with eggs.

There is a seafood shop which sells abalone at $4 apiece and some lovely clean clams.

Do explore Box Hill and you are encouraged to explore different suburbs during your stay in Melbourne. Don’t just stick to the one thing which is the city.