Australian Open 2016

The Australian Open was on and Healthy International students was at this event. Herbalife supports athletes and events like these.

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We paid $44 for a ground pass. We could have paid $39 but we waited and forgot until it was too late. Every year we always choose the good matches and not the Grand Final. Why? There are too many people and it is too expensive for us students.

There were a lot of people and a lot of lines and waiting. Once you got in it was fun but the waiting around outside Hisense required patience and people had none.

We weren’t able to see much anyway. The things that we saw such as the Blackmores wellbeing and Woolowrths fresh food place might not be there on Grand Final day. We also saw the Shanghai Rolex place and got some fun shots in there. The lacoste place was alright.

The Woolworths place used to offer free samples last year, but I think that they decided to cost cut and not offer any samples anymore. Instead the place is really expensive and most of the skewers and salads I can get in the city for a fraction of the price. However there is this new sugar free tea which has stevia in it that was on offer and I am keen to give this a go in the city. I got a $1 tea voucher for it.

The Blackmores place offered some samples for us to take home which is good. And they also offered us some free yoghurt, tea and other things. The only downside is that I was only allowed to take three samples. Medibank house let everyone play tennis for free, but it was too crowded so no go.

Last year and this year I went to Cafe Aroma to relax and unwind before going back on to the court. I had a chance to have my supplements there as well as my tea. I also enjoyed a lovely pear tiramisu. This place is only a pop up cafe for the event and my afternoon tea came out to $18.50. The hot dog and chips bought inside the stadium was $11.40 and was fattening. But at least I went for a walk afterwards.

My advice is to bring your own food unless you relish waiting in long lines and go there for the whole day and night. Bring enough snacks and your Herbalife supplements. Bring your own water as drinks are expensive there and there is free water for your bottle at one of the many fountains. Oh and don’t bother driving. It takes forever to find a free park and around that area you would have to pay for parking. Instead take the free tram from the city (trams in the city are free nowadays) or the train to Richmond station. Or you could walk to Flinders st as it is healthier.

Snippet: Annoying Brother



We visited this place twice for breakfast. Here they have great burritos as well as good coffees. We really liked their coffees last time.  For both times we bought the Groupon which is $8.



We enjoyed a great short black as well as that breakfast burrito. This really filled me up and I enjoyed this very much. The bacon was cooked well and the salsa on top was really good. Here it was oniony but not too oniony. This is a good option for breakfast if you want to gain muscle.

The service was great and the guy that served me smiled.


This is outside a tram line and the tram stop is a few metres down the road.

Do go to this amazing healthy place in North Fitzroy and you can buy the groupon