Mr Nice Guy Bakery

Mr Nice guy has been around for quite some time now and they have a shop in Ascot Vale and Prahran. I went to the Ascot Vale one

This is a vegan bakery in Ascot Vale near where I live. It is right on a tram line and that is the number 57 line which goes all the way into city. The service is down to earth (although they were forgetful at one point- forgetting someone’s milkshake). There is also a store at Prahran market. Here they do the best baked goods ever and this time I tried a vegan Cheesemite scroll which was quite healthy and I enjoyed the gorgeous amounts of vegan cheese. This cheese was slightly sweet and tastier.WP_20160121_11_14_40_Pro

I also had a strong latte with almond soy milk ( a brand which I have never tried before). It was strong and very nuttyWP_20160121_11_20_29_Pro

I tried two bronuts (its the small doughnut filling- like the balls at the American Doughnut kitchen except smaller). I really liked them.

I have tried a number of their cupcakes before and enjoyed them. Here they are always moist and baked freshly on site as all of their products are.WP_20160121_11_22_16_Pro You can buy bread to take home.

Note: they are cash only.

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