Festival of Sails

The Festival of Sails is a yearly boat event which is in Geelong and Docklands. But Docklands is nowhere as big as the event in Geelong. Here this is just mammoth.

It was one hour to get from Melbourne to Geelong and it was free on Vline. Normally it was $16 for the day but due to some issues that had happened with Vline they decided to give everyone free travel. Hence a lot of people went from the city to Geelong and back. The train and the event was packed.

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The festival of sails is an outdoor one and they offered many free activities and tastings such as the Bundaberg Rum. We got to make our own ginger beer cocktails which was fun and we also got to sample ginger beer in which I really loved that sweet alcoholic taste.

Here it was a nice sunny day to watch the boats and water ski artists. I loved playing with the dogs in the sun.Watching the water skiing on a warm summer’s day was quite lovely as we got to feel the breeze of the sea. The girls were having a lot of fun out there.

There was a market too and that was free to enter. But a lot of the stuff were expensive. This was a craft market where sweets were sold. There was a Big W stall but everything looked a little pricey. I wanted proffetjies for $8 but they looked a little sweet and I wanted something savoury and with protein in it.

At the Royal Yacht club cafe I tried their egg roll which was good but could have done with more onion and sauce. This was $9. Here it was really busy with goers all wanting alcohol and pints. The kitchen was nearly closing by the time I went but they made my roll.


Do go to next years one as there is one every year.

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