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Catch of the Day is a shopping site powered by Scoopon. Here you can buy things in bulk using your credit card or Paypal details to pay for things. I bought a few things from there with a few simple clicks. They deliver packages promptly which is good. At Christmas time they had a huge amount of lollies, chips and sauces specials. Sometimes they have other email specials for their subscribers. And they also had presents under $10. This time I tried to buy my KK a shelf for their spices. But it came too late.

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I wanted to try and buy presents for Christmas with Catch of the day as it is cheap and I have tried it once before and got a good result from that. It came about two weeks late and after christmas, so Leandro got the shelf. It came to the Post office on the week during Christmas.

When it came it was not that heavy. I thought that it would be and everything came at once which is good. I got my tuna, my museli and almonds and the shelf. My museli was just brilliant. It was oat clusters and it from this US company called Jordan. I had been looking around for breakfast ideas for a while and so this was just perfect. I just added milk (from A2- the smartest milk brand company) and chia seeds and I was good to go.

Also the tuna snack that I got was just perfect as a light dinner. I didn’t want anything too heavy since I knew that I would be drinking and having pub food so I went for this before dinner to help curb the hunger pangs.

The almonds were really great to take to uni. They were packaged in a few small cartons so it was easier to put on in my bag. Now its easier to cure hunger pangs.

Do buy from Catch of the day

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