Pho Nom

Pho Nom is a shop in Emporium. Here it is run by Jerry Mai and I really do enjoy the food. The food is healthy and fresh, albeit a little bit expensive. I enjoyed the vegetairan pho with the rice paper roll which is always fresh. I enjoy great vietnamese foods. Vietnamese food has not much msg to it and is light. Hence this is a good takeaway option for those who are lazy to bring lunch in.

I have tried the bhanh mi before and enjoyed this. The tofu bhanh mi is really good.  It was for morning tea and it was filling. It had a lot of proteins and you can choose whether or not you want salad in it.


The rice paper roll was about $3.50 and it was very filling.

My meal was $15.70 but it included lots of vegetables and rice noodles. It had chicken broth in it but I did not mind. They give you a buzzer so when it is ready you go and pick it up. The guy there was lovely and the place was clean.

Do come and visit this place for lunch as they are only open for lunch 7 days a week and dinner on Thursday and Friday.

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