Newbies International party meetup

This was a free party for all to meet, mix and mingle. Held at the Secret garden this was such a lovely bar. It was also very intimate where we all got along well and met a dog or two walking by. However there was no concept of queueing , I tried to find the end of the line with not much luck as everyone seemed to be crowding around the BBQ.

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The Australian Summer traditional meetup

In Australia people BBQ things in summer and St Kilda is always full of activity. Inside, the Secret garden had lots of good drink specials, but I was trying to stay healthy. And stay healthy I did. Here drinks were between $4-$7 each with most buying a beer.

But the food at the BBQ was good. It was nice and fresh. Even though I hate eating sausages this was really tasty. The salad was really fresh fro Woolies and I also loved the rissoles which looked like veggie burgers on the outside. Yum. Everyone’s favourite was the pasta salad and it too was mine. Here I enjoyed mine without all that mayonaise. Mayonaise can be very fattening so don’t put too much in there.


Many thanks for the invite Newbies International and see you around soon. Guys what is your best experience with the BBQ in Australia?

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