Midsumma fun

Midsumma is a yearly event for everyone celebrating all things queer. Here there was lots of rainbows, ladies and dogs. And there was heaps of colour.

What is it?

It is a period in which everything queer,gay and lesbian is celebrated. It starts off with a fun carnival known as Midsumma.

Midsumma in 2016

Set on a 31C day in Alexandra gardens, there was not much shade but water. Here all the shade was occupied by the thousands of goers. Some got sunburnt so badly. But there were many stalls with free sunscreen, water, fruits and lollies. RMIT had their free flags. There were not many condoms around which might please some and not others.

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There were lots of picnickers who loved their prosecco and getting drunk. There were also the picnic packs which were $20 each. Drinks were $4-$8 each depending on what you got. There were two small wine bars, one big bar and a handful of small ice cream stalls. Most people however brought their own picnic food.

I loved the dog competition. that was a lot of fun to watch all the cute dogs go up there on stage. Some of them looked dehydrated though.


The organiser could have moved it to a better day where it is not so hot. Then everyone would have enjoyed this so much more. But most people brought their own water bottle and made use of the free fountains on the ground.

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