Snagga: Free Sausage

Snagga is a healthy sausage company. I have heard of them last year when they showed up for orientation at RMIT and they were giving away free sausages which were full of meat and fat and were very yummy.

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Now when I heard that Snagga was opening a shop in Geelong and an online ordering service. I jumped for joy as I did enjoy their healthy sausages. For the new year the guys as Snagga were offering free sausages online but you had to sign up for an account which was easy to do.

They are in a shopping mall and are on the same level as Lincraft.

Their vegetarian sausage was well worth the trip into Geelong for it. Here they are really vegetarian and there is no cheese on top of their sausages which is healthier. I love their peri peri mayo which was quite spicy. Their sausage was made out of chickpeas, cheese and capsicum and it was delish. I also loved the sweet brioche bun that it came in. Yum.

Rating: 15/20- come for a visit.

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