Mundo Lingo at The European Bier Cafe

Mundo Lingo is a free event for all newly arrived migrants and students and it is held every Wednesday night at the European Bier Café on Lt Collins st.

About 200-250 peeps rock up to this event and there are a few bar specials such as $7 pizzas which are awesome. I have my buy one get one free offer from the book and I did use it to buy two for the price of one. But that was only on the real mains. I wasn’t really in the mood for the real mains so I opted for vegetarian pizza. It was good and very cheesey. It was also 800 calories for 4 slices.

The wait for food was really long. It was about 20 mins for my pizza to come as there was another function going on upstairs. The service can be snobby at times at the bar but we met up with Sherrie a few times and she was lovely. Here they sell a large and small pint of beer and not many students know the sizes. The large pint ($9) is really really large and what I mean by that is that it is huge.


This is a good chance to mingle with others, particularly whilst waiting for the last train home from the city to Geelong. If you finish your classes before 7pm then do come here. This is a great way to take your mind off things. You’ll get to meet students and workers from all over the world, not just Australia. Many of them come from Asian countries such as Japan and China.


Do come by to this free event

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