Sushi Hon

Sushi Hon is a Japanese sushi place in Emporium. Here all the plates are $4.50 and I had four of them and a mini udon for $8.

The place is always packed and there was a huge line for the sushi train. I had to wait for about half an hour for a seat even though it was one. The place is in the food court and about five other bloggers raved about how good their food is.

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The menu changes daily depending on what they have but its usually fresh fish from Huon Atlantic salmon. The rice is usually fresh and really vinegary.

The tofu was just a small cube, but good though. And the bonito was moving.

The udon there was good. The noodles were soft and slippery. The broth was really flavoursome and I can taste the miso in there. I loved how they provided the skewer separately. At least the tempura was not soggy.

I loved the tempura today. It was really crunchy and I did enjoy the sweet potato. I enjoyed all this food with my Herbalife supplements. At least I feel healthy and great.

They do have desserts on offer but I’m not really a dessert girl.

Rating: 14/20- do go in there with your Herbalife tea and tablets. This is one wholefood meal that you could eat with your Herbalife tea and tablets

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