Prahran Market

Prahran Market is near Prahran station and there is a tram stop outside. It is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays during the year and only during the daytime. I tend to not take the lazy way out of taking the tram or driving. Instead I take the train and walked a bit. Its just around the corner from the train station.

I always love to sample their wares. As a student I enjoy this very much as I get to try the different cheeses and breads before I buy. I love to also watch the kitchen demonstrations at Blanco Kitchen.


The weird black blueberry licorice that I found one time


There is a new cellar in town


Some new brand of yuzu


I love to visit the Essential Ingredient where they have a lot of special Spanish and European foods which never seems to amaze me.


Here they have all sorts of good coverture chocolate in which you can cook with.


Whenever I am there I always love to visit the seafood and meat hall. In particular I love Claringbolds as they do the best sushi with the best fish. Here you can flavoured inari for $1 and handrolls for about $2.50- $3 and enjoy this with your fat burning tea.


Here they have the finest produce and mushroom stall. I love visiting Damien Pike’s mushroom stall as he always has a lot of different and interesting mushrooms on display.




For coffee I can’t go past Jasper and Market Lane. They do seriously good lattes and mochas and at Jasper you can try their blends before you buy. At Market Lane they have cupping sessions during the week and on the weekends they sometimes do their mushroom burger. This would be nice with your tea and aloe, rather than a soft drink. Also there are a lot of other options for food in Market Square including the Mussel Pot and Ann’s Fish and Chips. I have been past the Falafel man but hadn’t tried him yet. I can imagine the falafel working well with the tea.

If I wanted a bit of Asia then I would go to this Malaysian place at the pop up place. They have really great drinks and desserts and I can always smell the roti and the curry, although I am yet to try. For those that need some sort of breakfast there is a porridge place in the same area.

There are a couple of Asian grocery stalls there and I enjoyed looking at these unique goods. It is so cheap here.

There is a really good cheese deli there as well and Sweet Greek is one such good Greek authentic place. Here they have saganaki, which is a Greek cheese. And then there is Cleo’s deli which has great salads and dips. I really enjoy eating those.


I have been here numerous times and have always enjoyed their offerings. I have been to their Cheese fest etc. But that Cheese fest was very crowded. I would have preferred ticketed entry to this. But their cherry festival I heard was amazing.


Do go by to buy your groceries as they always have unique items that you can’t find elsewhere. You can find more about their opening hours and address here

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