Star Wars : The Dark Force awakens

RNIS went and saw the new Star Wars film at a cost of $21.50 at Hoyts and it was in General Admission. We could have gone to Lux but we did not want the popcorn or the coke as it has added sugar. Nor can we afford the $39 fee.


This is a new movie that was released on the 18th of December and already it is receiving huge crowds at Hoyts and Village as many people loved Star Wars over the years.  The director is JJ Abrams and  he was just as good in this as well as Star Trek: The Dark Force Awakens. Domhall Gleeson stars General Hux, a guy who is pure evil. Domhall featured in a lot of the Harry Potter films so I was excited when I saw his name.


The story is about finding Luke Skywalker who is an old Jedi who has vanished and kept his friends wondering where he is all these years. Darth Vader is dead, but Kylo Ren is not. Kylo Ren is a part of the new threat that arises and that is the First Order. The First Order is on the dark side and they too wanted Luke. Princess Leia is a lot older now and I could not recognise her at first. Daisy Ridley whose name I have only just discovered did well as Rey the civilian who discovered that she can fight her own battles.


The fights were just as good as the earlier versions of Stars Wars and Lucasfilm wanted to keep it that way. I really liked the special effects as well as the digital animation as they wanted to transport the audience to a land “far far away in the galaxy.” I really loved Chewbbecca’s makeup as it looked surreal.


Do go and see this film. It is just as good as the first ones.

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