La Camera



La Camera is an Italian restaurant known for its food and wine. There are two restaurants; one in the city and the other is in South Yarra. Leandro and I both checked out the one in South Yarra. I still prefer the one in the city and I thank Leandro for paying for me.


But still service was very slow and forgetful. They forgot my bread which I reminded them twice. For $4.50 extra I expected butter. Perhaps they skimped out on that. The pumpkin ravioli at $21.90 was just alright but I’d expected some free bread for that.


Luckily though I ate some of Leandro’s vegetarian pizza. It was great and it was small for $15.90 but I can’t complain.


My savingnion blanc was good and Leandro enjoyed his soft drink immensely.

Rating: 12/20- just alright. Thank god for the entertainment book.

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