Catch of the day

Catch of the Day is a shopping site powered by Scoopon. Here you can buy things in bulk using your credit card or Paypal details to pay for things. I bought a few things from there with a few simple clicks. They deliver packages promptly which is good. At Christmas time they had a huge amount of lollies, chips and sauces specials. Sometimes they have other email specials for their subscribers. And they also had presents under $10. This time I tried to buy my KK a shelf for their spices. But it came too late.

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I wanted to try and buy presents for Christmas with Catch of the day as it is cheap and I have tried it once before and got a good result from that. It came about two weeks late and after christmas, so Leandro got the shelf. It came to the Post office on the week during Christmas.

When it came it was not that heavy. I thought that it would be and everything came at once which is good. I got my tuna, my museli and almonds and the shelf. My museli was just brilliant. It was oat clusters and it from this US company called Jordan. I had been looking around for breakfast ideas for a while and so this was just perfect. I just added milk (from A2- the smartest milk brand company) and chia seeds and I was good to go.

Also the tuna snack that I got was just perfect as a light dinner. I didn’t want anything too heavy since I knew that I would be drinking and having pub food so I went for this before dinner to help curb the hunger pangs.

The almonds were really great to take to uni. They were packaged in a few small cartons so it was easier to put on in my bag. Now its easier to cure hunger pangs.

Do buy from Catch of the day

Festival of Sails

The Festival of Sails is a yearly boat event which is in Geelong and Docklands. But Docklands is nowhere as big as the event in Geelong. Here this is just mammoth.

It was one hour to get from Melbourne to Geelong and it was free on Vline. Normally it was $16 for the day but due to some issues that had happened with Vline they decided to give everyone free travel. Hence a lot of people went from the city to Geelong and back. The train and the event was packed.

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The festival of sails is an outdoor one and they offered many free activities and tastings such as the Bundaberg Rum. We got to make our own ginger beer cocktails which was fun and we also got to sample ginger beer in which I really loved that sweet alcoholic taste.

Here it was a nice sunny day to watch the boats and water ski artists. I loved playing with the dogs in the sun.Watching the water skiing on a warm summer’s day was quite lovely as we got to feel the breeze of the sea. The girls were having a lot of fun out there.

There was a market too and that was free to enter. But a lot of the stuff were expensive. This was a craft market where sweets were sold. There was a Big W stall but everything looked a little pricey. I wanted proffetjies for $8 but they looked a little sweet and I wanted something savoury and with protein in it.

At the Royal Yacht club cafe I tried their egg roll which was good but could have done with more onion and sauce. This was $9. Here it was really busy with goers all wanting alcohol and pints. The kitchen was nearly closing by the time I went but they made my roll.


Do go to next years one as there is one every year.

Mr Nice Guy Bakery

Mr Nice guy has been around for quite some time now and they have a shop in Ascot Vale and Prahran. I went to the Ascot Vale one

This is a vegan bakery in Ascot Vale near where I live. It is right on a tram line and that is the number 57 line which goes all the way into city. The service is down to earth (although they were forgetful at one point- forgetting someone’s milkshake). There is also a store at Prahran market. Here they do the best baked goods ever and this time I tried a vegan Cheesemite scroll which was quite healthy and I enjoyed the gorgeous amounts of vegan cheese. This cheese was slightly sweet and tastier.WP_20160121_11_14_40_Pro

I also had a strong latte with almond soy milk ( a brand which I have never tried before). It was strong and very nuttyWP_20160121_11_20_29_Pro

I tried two bronuts (its the small doughnut filling- like the balls at the American Doughnut kitchen except smaller). I really liked them.

I have tried a number of their cupcakes before and enjoyed them. Here they are always moist and baked freshly on site as all of their products are.WP_20160121_11_22_16_Pro You can buy bread to take home.

Note: they are cash only.

Midsumma fun

Midsumma is a yearly event for everyone celebrating all things queer. Here there was lots of rainbows, ladies and dogs. And there was heaps of colour.

What is it?

It is a period in which everything queer,gay and lesbian is celebrated. It starts off with a fun carnival known as Midsumma.

Midsumma in 2016

Set on a 31C day in Alexandra gardens, there was not much shade but water. Here all the shade was occupied by the thousands of goers. Some got sunburnt so badly. But there were many stalls with free sunscreen, water, fruits and lollies. RMIT had their free flags. There were not many condoms around which might please some and not others.

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There were lots of picnickers who loved their prosecco and getting drunk. There were also the picnic packs which were $20 each. Drinks were $4-$8 each depending on what you got. There were two small wine bars, one big bar and a handful of small ice cream stalls. Most people however brought their own picnic food.

I loved the dog competition. that was a lot of fun to watch all the cute dogs go up there on stage. Some of them looked dehydrated though.


The organiser could have moved it to a better day where it is not so hot. Then everyone would have enjoyed this so much more. But most people brought their own water bottle and made use of the free fountains on the ground.

Newbies International party meetup

This was a free party for all to meet, mix and mingle. Held at the Secret garden this was such a lovely bar. It was also very intimate where we all got along well and met a dog or two walking by. However there was no concept of queueing , I tried to find the end of the line with not much luck as everyone seemed to be crowding around the BBQ.

WP_20160115_19_18_03_Pro WP_20160115_19_18_51_Pro WP_20160115_19_21_04_Pro

The Australian Summer traditional meetup

In Australia people BBQ things in summer and St Kilda is always full of activity. Inside, the Secret garden had lots of good drink specials, but I was trying to stay healthy. And stay healthy I did. Here drinks were between $4-$7 each with most buying a beer.

But the food at the BBQ was good. It was nice and fresh. Even though I hate eating sausages this was really tasty. The salad was really fresh fro Woolies and I also loved the rissoles which looked like veggie burgers on the outside. Yum. Everyone’s favourite was the pasta salad and it too was mine. Here I enjoyed mine without all that mayonaise. Mayonaise can be very fattening so don’t put too much in there.


Many thanks for the invite Newbies International and see you around soon. Guys what is your best experience with the BBQ in Australia?

Pho Nom

Pho Nom is a shop in Emporium. Here it is run by Jerry Mai and I really do enjoy the food. The food is healthy and fresh, albeit a little bit expensive. I enjoyed the vegetairan pho with the rice paper roll which is always fresh. I enjoy great vietnamese foods. Vietnamese food has not much msg to it and is light. Hence this is a good takeaway option for those who are lazy to bring lunch in.

I have tried the bhanh mi before and enjoyed this. The tofu bhanh mi is really good.  It was for morning tea and it was filling. It had a lot of proteins and you can choose whether or not you want salad in it.


The rice paper roll was about $3.50 and it was very filling.

My meal was $15.70 but it included lots of vegetables and rice noodles. It had chicken broth in it but I did not mind. They give you a buzzer so when it is ready you go and pick it up. The guy there was lovely and the place was clean.

Do come and visit this place for lunch as they are only open for lunch 7 days a week and dinner on Thursday and Friday.

Herbalife at the Royal Croquet Club

The Royal Croquet club is an annual outdoor event at Birarang Marr. Here this is free for all to come and play for 10 days. We came on the last day. There are plenty of tables undercover as well as at the many bars.

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This club is a pop up club offering food and drink. We were more on a health kick so we decided to stay away from the fatty foods by having cheese at the gym and then salad after a workout with proteins.

All the offerings at the croquet club were $8 (for two rice paper rolls)- $14 (for one single meal). The stalls were Mamasita, Tokyo Tina, Pippidapo, RUYI, Broadsheets bar, Pimms, Yalumbra and GAZI. The broadsheet bar had $15 cocktails and they featured many cocktails from Melbourne’s hottest venues like Le Bon Ton. We only came here for the music and the outdoor atmosphere.

It was fun watching people play polo and listen to the cool tunes from the DJ. Polo is almost like playing golf where you swing the stick and hit the ball. The ball rolls in a straight line. The how to play guide was shown at each of the playing fields.WP_20151220_19_26_39_Pro

Playing polo and entering was free. But because of the wet weather not many people turned up. We came after the showers were gone.WP_20151220_19_37_10_Pro

Since it was the last day and since RUYI couldn’t sell their dumplings they decided to give it away free. It was cold and it was chilli wonton ( our favourite) and we just might go there with our Herbalife tea.

Snagga: Free Sausage

Snagga is a healthy sausage company. I have heard of them last year when they showed up for orientation at RMIT and they were giving away free sausages which were full of meat and fat and were very yummy.

WP_20160107_12_48_55_Pro WP_20160107_12_49_00_Pro WP_20160107_12_49_07_Pro WP_20160107_12_55_07_Pro

Now when I heard that Snagga was opening a shop in Geelong and an online ordering service. I jumped for joy as I did enjoy their healthy sausages. For the new year the guys as Snagga were offering free sausages online but you had to sign up for an account which was easy to do.

They are in a shopping mall and are on the same level as Lincraft.

Their vegetarian sausage was well worth the trip into Geelong for it. Here they are really vegetarian and there is no cheese on top of their sausages which is healthier. I love their peri peri mayo which was quite spicy. Their sausage was made out of chickpeas, cheese and capsicum and it was delish. I also loved the sweet brioche bun that it came in. Yum.

Rating: 15/20- come for a visit.

News flash: South Melbourne Night market returns

The market relaunched in January when there were no trams and it is staying until the end of March. We had to wait ages for the bus and it was so confusing to find the stop. But at least we got there with our Herbalife supplements.

WP_20160107_19_01_38_Pro WP_20160107_19_13_41_Pro WP_20160107_19_22_38_Pro WP_20160107_19_22_40_Pro WP_20160107_19_36_34_Pro WP_20160107_19_39_17_Pro WP_20160107_20_00_31_Pro

And this one had way too many people. Here they had a few food stalls as well as gifts and fashion. Dogs were permitted there unlike the Queen Victoria Markets summer night market.

Here I had a chicken burrito from Paco Y Lola which is a mexican stall. They cook the burritos outside on a big grill and it attracts large crowds. Without the jalepinos this would have been bland as. I expected beans in a $12 burrito but this did not have much in it.


What was your favourite part of the market? Do go to this night market when you can. I hope to return sometime soon before it ends.