Catch of the day

Catch of the Day is a shopping site powered by Scoopon. Here you can buy things in bulk using your credit card or Paypal details to pay for things. I bought a few things from there with a few simple clicks. They deliver packages promptly which is good. At Christmas time they had a hugeContinue reading “Catch of the day”


Festival of Sails

The Festival of Sails is a yearly boat event which is in Geelong and Docklands. But Docklands is nowhere as big as the event in Geelong. Here this is just mammoth. It was one hour to get from Melbourne to Geelong and it was free on Vline. Normally it was $16 for the day butContinue reading “Festival of Sails”

Midsumma fun

Midsumma is a yearly event for everyone celebrating all things queer. Here there was lots of rainbows, ladies and dogs. And there was heaps of colour. What is it? It is a period in which everything queer,gay and lesbian is celebrated. It starts off with a fun carnival known as Midsumma. Midsumma in 2016 SetContinue reading “Midsumma fun”

Newbies International party meetup

This was a free party for all to meet, mix and mingle. Held at the Secret garden this was such a lovely bar. It was also very intimate where we all got along well and met a dog or two walking by. However there was no concept of queueing , I tried to find theContinue reading “Newbies International party meetup”

Herbalife at the Royal Croquet Club

The Royal Croquet club is an annual outdoor event at Birarang Marr. Here this is free for all to come and play for 10 days. We came on the last day. There are plenty of tables undercover as well as at the many bars. This club is a pop up club offering food and drink.Continue reading “Herbalife at the Royal Croquet Club”

Snagga: Free Sausage

Snagga is a healthy sausage company. I have heard of them last year when they showed up for orientation at RMIT and they were giving away free sausages which were full of meat and fat and were very yummy. Now when I heard that Snagga was opening a shop in Geelong and an online orderingContinue reading “Snagga: Free Sausage”

News flash: South Melbourne Night market returns

The market relaunched in January when there were no trams and it is staying until the end of March. We had to wait ages for the bus and it was so confusing to find the stop. But at least we got there with our Herbalife supplements. And this one had way too many people. HereContinue reading “News flash: South Melbourne Night market returns”

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