Snippet: Seasalt



Seasalt have been around for a few years now. This is a cheap student eat. In fact they have two stores in Melbourne: one in Carlton and one in the city.

This might seem like a going out place to you, but trust you me, this is not. In fact this is a healthy takeaway place. This place allows you to have your supplements here. They are a healthy fish and chip shop. You order and then you pay. You can help yourself to sauces in which I wanted the siracha sauce. I love siracha sauce for its hot and firey taste. It also helps boost your metabolism.


Here I have had sweet potato fries which was really salty. But the fish was really good. It was $13.90 for just one plate of this with no salad. But I did add the siracha sauce which is fingerlickingly good. The fish is always fresh which is a good sign.

The service was a tad bit distinterested though. But then again I came around 7:30pm when they were just about to close and I did not know. I did not research their hours which was very foolish of me.


Do come here for your healthy fish and chips.

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