David Jones Food Hall

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David Jones Food Hall has been around for a very long time. It is not just a food court, you can buy stuff to take home or back to your office which is healthy. There is no junk food here, with the exception of pizza which is made fresh on site and the slices are tiny for one. This is a good way to remind yourself not to eat too much as one slice of pizza is a mere $8.95. The salads here are good and they used to have their own juice bar, but now Top Juice has taken over it. I bought one for $6 one time and it was filling.

Service can vary depending on the store but usually the staff at David Jones are friendly. But the tables there are a mess. Usually I get food to takeaway back to my office.

The line at Top Juice at 1:30pm was huge and long as people wanted their fruit juices to keep them cool.


Today I got Top Juice’s kale and quinoa salad which is low in GI and has a lot of proteins from the kale, pomegranite and the quinoa. The dried pomegranite added that sweet touch to the food. On top of that for a mere $2 I added some plain yoghurt which worked well. I loved the kale. The kale was a great super antioxidant.

Another time I went to their sushi shop. Their sushi was not that good, but today I had the vegetarian one which was alright. Last time I went I got their udon and seafood sushi and it was not at that great according to RMIT Newintstudents.

At the other end is the grocery store and the wine store. Here people can buy Christmas gifts and other grocery items to take home to cook. Today I tried the fruit cake which is lovely. Sometimes there are samples from various departments in the food hall for people to try stuff. One time there was fruits and it was fresh.

I have bought some fruits before and they were always fresh.

They also have a chocolate section and sweet section sweet which I usually stay away from as I am a health freak.


Do come by for your healthy lunch needs



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