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Vapiano is a pasta place in the heart of the city. It is in Flinders lane near the train station.

Here they aim to cook food to perfection but each time we went the food keeps getting worse. This is in particular to the pasta area where there are some instances where pasta was not cooked well. We have never had any problems in the pizza area. In fact the pizzas were always good and cooked well.

Every season they some specials and menu changes which is shown at the table and on their Facebook page. If you sign up to be a fanatic then you will also know.


They use a chip card system which makes paying your bills easier. This is in particular if you are in a large group but sometimes there is a bit of confusion over the credit card. This hasn’t happened to me but I witnessed some confusion over a large group trying to pay the two cards together via credit card. At the pasta station you wait for your pasta where as at the pizza station they give you a buzzer and it buzzes when your pizza is ready.

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I had the pasta with garlic oil ($14.90). The add on of prawns is an extra $3.90. Luckily for me I had the Entertainment card offer of 50% off the main meal so it was not too bad and I also had dessert. Drinks were a little bit pricey but luckily I had my fat burning tea with me. There was a bit of a queue and some confusion at the pasta station as to what to have. I had a salad beforehand so I was not too hungry and I had my serve of vegetables. It took them about two minutes to cook my pasta when at least at home it takes about 5 mins. It would have been nice if they included some onions in the dish. At home onions were always included in every pasta dish I make. There was much oil in there so I added some extra virgin olive oil which was at the table.

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The bread on the other hand was lovely. Whilst waiting for the pasta I tried their sauces and all in all I’d say that they need to change the sauces every so often as they were a day old and were curdling around the edges. The complimentary bread that I had had no butter with it so I added balsamic vinegar to cheer things up.


Yes their dessert was the highlight of the evening. That and their lollies which I ate on the way out. All of their desserts with the exception of the tim tam cheesecake was $5.90. The tim tam cheesecake was $7 and looked too rich. I have had the death by chocolate cake before and my god it was soooooooooooooo rich. But the pannacotta was really good. It was light and creamy. The raspberry sauce on top was just alright.

Rating: 11/20- erm I don’t know. It is lucky that I have the entertainment book voucher or otherwise I would have not been happy to pay full price.

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