Lentils as Anything

This meal was paid for online

Lentils as Anything is a pay as you feel place and its a healthy vegetarian place. This place is run by volunteers who are very friendly and are keen to learn. The clientiele are people that love good health such as myself and Leandro. In fact there are a few branches in Melbourne and Sydney. There used to be one in Abbotsford, but I have no idea as to whether or not its still going as news of uncertainty went around on Facebook feed about this.

I enjoyed my meals at St kilda with my Herbalife supplement.


At Thornbury I had to wait a while for my meals which were small and at Footscray I could help myself and I donated a magazine.

Here we both love the okomiyaki which is a Japanese pancake made with cabbage and vegetables and flour and lots of love. I loved that there was not too much sauce in this. Some place drown out the flavour with loads and loads of sauce which is bad for you. The food did take about twenty minutes to arrive to the table, but it was a relaxed setting. Footscray WP_20151209_13_39_20_Pro

Lentils is more like a buffet style. The lentils in St Kilda does not do dessert but the one in Preston and Thornbury does.


The green curry was good too. It had the right amount of creaminess and the rice went well with it too. It was really spicy but luckily Leandro and I can stand it.

Do support Lentils as they are always supporting the community by giving work experience in terms of volunteering. If you can why not volunteer with them?

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