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WP_20151208_09_41_58_ProThis is a health food cafe which RMIT Newintstudents went to. Here they use fresh produce which is sourced locally. Even their milk is sourced locally.

The place is busy on the weekends and is quiet during the weekdays. There isn’t a lot of room for dogs although Amicus from Mon’s Adventures might be welcome. The waitress was just ok. She wasn’t that friendly.


The cafe is on the number 59 tramline and is close to Moonee ponds. This place has been blogged about by 22 other bloggers who all loved the soldiers and the soldiers were fun to eat. It worked well with my Herbalife tea and the long black that I had.

The long black was just alright. It didn’t have much of a tasteWP_20151208_09_48_18_ProWP_20151208_09_56_04_Pro

I had their famous 62C eggs which were not too cold and not too hot. It was lukewarm and it worked well with the brioche. The cheese also worked well making it a not so sweety dish. On top of that I added mushrooms just as an extra source of vegetables. I also loved the saltiness of the truffle.WP_20151208_09_59_27_Pro

There are lots of other locals around but so far this is the best one that I have been to. I really want to go to Phat milk though.

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