My Melbourne Transformation challenge by RMIT Newintstudents


I recently did the Melbourne Body Transformation challenge. Here this was a good way to meet new people as well as get some new tips about my diet and how to change it for the better. The challenge went for six weeks. During that time there were a few meetups and webinars in which I could learn a lot. One of the meetups was at 1000 steps which were grueling.  The other two were at Albert Park where it was much easier for a fit person like myself.
I put on about 2% of body fat and have some muscles. I am still to learn a lot more and will do this in the coming weeks. At first, I was a little bit skeptical about doing this challenge, but this challenge did not require much of me. All it required was a healthy diet, shakes, and exercise. Most of which I was incorporating into my lifestyle. I wanted to do this challenge to learn about becoming a better version of myself.

I did a video of my challenge so that you can see what I ate and did throughout the challenge. You can also see how easy it is for you to do. It was $69 to sign up but I learned a lot and went to a few of the fitclub days which were included. In the end, there was a recognition party for all the challengers.
Some things that I learned throughout the challenge
* I learned to snack wisely
* I also learned that having cheat days is ok as long as its in moderation. In fact I had one week where I ate bad food for the entire week and never put on much weight. And then I got back on track in the following week.
* Taking accountability for yourself is important. There are apps for this if counting calories are new to you such as myfitnesspal and Fitbit.
* Eating some good fats is important. The serving should be the size of your thumb. Before the challenge, I used to eat a lot of bad fats and fried food. I still like fried food, but I don’t eat as much due to the fact that the restaurant uses these cheap oils which is bad for my body.

* I learned to love peanut butter. As a person growing up I thought it was very fattening. But now I love it and its at 120 cal per tablespoon.
* I tried to consume fewer calories and more proteins but sometimes it just did not work. I am still trying to learn about the calories. One day at Diwali I consumed about 3000 cals that day and the sweet was about 2000 cal. Luckily that day I did do some exercise beforehand. Now I know not to have too many sweets as they are wasted calories.

* Dairy is really important and I’ve learnt to like the taste of milk. As a teenager I never liked to drink a lot of milk as I thought it made me fat, like many Asian cultures. But now I know it is for strong bones and muscles. Ever since I started going to the gym, dairy has been good to me.

* Before starting the challenge, I never really liked protein shakes until I came across Herbalife. I thought that the ones that are commercially done tasted like crap and didn’t really fill me up. Some of the commercial ones made me feel like I’m fat and made me crave for more food. Herbalife’s shakes taste great and are made with real food. Unlike other ones they have the gold stamp of approval meaning that everyone can use them. These shakes have no caffeine in them.

Do get back to your coach if you want to start the next challenge as they will have all the details on how you can join. The challenge is a great way to learn a lot in 6-8 weeks.

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